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Welcome to Tax Planners of America

Your Partner for Tax Planning in Retirement

At Tax Planners of America, we understand that retirement is a significant milestone in your life. We want you to be enjoying the fruits of your labor in your second childhood without parental supervision instead of worrying about navigating the complexities of your tax obligations.

Watch this video conversation with RPOA Founder and CEO Ken Moraif and TPOA’s Director of Tax Services, Sharla Bartley to learn more about TPOA and how Sharla’s services could benefit your retirement journey.

Why Choose TPOA?

  • Tax Advisory Services to help minimize taxes on your retirement income if possible.
  • Discounted Pricing for RPOA Clients.
  • Seamless Integration with your existing RPOA retirement planning.
  • Minimize Administrative Burden so you can enjoy your second childhood.
  • Tax-Advantaged Timing of Distributions to help make the most of your savings.
  • Property Tax Strategies (Coming Soon!) designed to reduce property tax burdens if possible.

 Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a worry-free retirement.

Meet the TPOA Team

Sharla Bartley, MBA

Director of Tax Services

Sharla brings a wealth of experience to the RPOA team. With over 20 years of professional experience in tax preparation and tax planning, she also has years of experience in various leadership roles within the tax industry. Sharla has developed tax software and even contributed as an original designer of a tax planning app. We believe her deep understanding of the complexities of taxation and her creative mindset make her an asset in helping individuals turn obstacles into opportunities during their retirement journey. Sharla is committed to guiding you toward a financially prepared and fulfilling retirement.

“Sharla’s strategic thinking and passion for identifying opportunities for tax savings make her the perfect fit to lead our Tax Planners of America division. I am confident her experience and knowledge in tax planning will benefit our clients tremendously as they navigate the complexities of their tax obligations during retirement.”

– Ken Moraif

Your Retirement, Your Peace of Mind

At Tax Planners of America, we are dedicated to simplifying your tax planning and reducing your financial stress so you can make the most of your retirement years. Let us be your trusted partner on the path to a tax-efficient and enjoyable retirement.

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