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Living on Retirement Income Doesn't Have to Be Scary.

When you’re living on retirement income, worrying about running out of money can undermine your ability to enjoy the retirement you’ve worked so hard for.

A multi-faceted retirement plan could help you have peace of mind. It could help guide you so you have a plan that let’s you know when you may be withdrawing too much. Your plan could also help you avoid big losses in a market crash.

That’s why we believe that a retirement plan should include an investment strategy that is designed to help protect your retirement in volatile markets.

We believe that the less exposed your nest egg is, the more you’ll be able to relax. Designed for retirees and those nearing retirement, our Invest and Protect strategy focuses on protecting your savings from extreme losses rather than chasing after high returns. By taking only as much risk as necessary to accomplish your financial goals, we believe you can have what you need to maintain your lifestyle—and avoid running out of money when you’re old.

Our goal is for you to be able to focus on what you want to do in retirement-not  whether you’ll have enough money

Do you know how much you need?

Retirement is no time to stick your head in the sand. We believe it’s important to your financial health and your peace of mind to know what you have and what you need—both now and in the future.

When you meet with a Retirement Planners of America advisor, one of the first things we do is a cash flow analysis. We tally up your expenses, add together all your income, and then look at the difference between the two sums. We would love to give you an in-depth cash flow analysis free of charge to get started.

Living on Retirement Income? Do You Know Your Hurdle Rate?

Once we analyze your cash flow, we help you estimate your hurdle rate. This is the rate of return we think you’ll need to earn on your investments to keep you on track for the rest of your life. We work with you to construct a portfolio we believe has the highest probability of achieving that hurdle rate while helping minimizing risk.

For example: If you spend less than 4% of your investments each year, we’d aim to make a 4% rate of return. If we consistently reach our goal, we think you could have more money at the end of your life than you do right now.

Updating Your Portfolio While in Retirement.

Completing a cash flow analysis and finding out your hurdle rate are critical first steps, in our view. But you can’t set it and forget it. Things change. The market changes. Your age changes, and your goals might change too.

At Retirement Planners of America, we meet with our clients regularly to help you stay on track. We believe an important part of financial peace of mind is knowing that someone is striving to help you achieve your retirement goals.

That’s our job, and we take it seriously.