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“Your retirement should be your second childhood without parental supervision!”

– Ken Moraif, Founder and CEO

Over 50? We Believe It's Time for a Retirement Planner

At Retirement Planners of America, we are here to guide you on your retirement journey towards financial peace of mind.

Why Meet with an RPOA Retirement Planner?

✔ Trained and Credentialed Retirement Planners

We specialize in retirement. Our credentialed Retirement Planners are proficient in 401(k) diversification, Social Security, Medicare, insurance, estate planning, and income tax planning.

✔ We Are a Fiduciary

As a fiduciary, our client always benefits before we do. When you make money, we make money.

✔ We’re Not Here to Make You Rich Quick; We Are Here to Help You Not Become Poor!

Growth is important but protecting your principal is even more important.

✔ We Want Your Money to Last as Long as You Do

One bad market crash could derail your retirement. You could be forced to delay retirement or run out of money early – and it may take years to recoup your losses. Our Invest and Protect Strategy is designed for unlimited upside with a tolerable downside

✔ Estimate your Magic Number

Do you have enough to retire? Do you have enough to stay retired? Your Retirement Planner will work with you to estimate your Magic Number, or how much we think you’ll need to retire or stay retired.

✔ Build Your Retirement Cashflow Plan (RCFP)

Happiness is positive cashflow! How much can you spend when you are retired and not run out of money? How long will your money last? Our Retirement Planners will work with you to create a complimentary Retirement Cashflow Plan (RCFP) to project if you will be ok five, ten, and fifteen years from now if you stay on track.

✔ Determine How Much Risk is Appropriate for You

Your Retirement Planner will help determine your hurdle rate, or the rate of return we project you need to earn on your money to help support your lifestyle during your retirement. Knowing your hurdle rate will help you to only take as much risk as necessary to accomplish your financial goals..

✔ Decide When and How to Take Social Security

Choosing the wrong Social Security strategy could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in your lifetime. Our credentialed Retirement Planners can help you make an informed decision about when and how to claim Social Security so you can maximize your lifetime benefits.

Have More Fun Than a Human Being Should Be Allowed to Have When Planning Your Retirement!

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National Media turns to us for insight on issues affecting today’s investors.

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Your Retirement Planning Checklist

In this video, Ken Moraif, founder and CEO of Retirement Planners of America, discusses eight points to consider when retiring. He also explains how RPOA’s Invest and Protect Strategy is designed to help your money last as long as you do.

Want to learn more? Download our free guide so you can check all seven points off your retirement planning list. 

Our Core Values

At RPOA, we specialize in retirement. Our goals are to make your money last as long as you do and to provide you with financial peace of mind. As a fiduciary-bound firm, we make decisions based on our core values, prioritizing your retirement security over our own personal benefit.


The right thing to do is always the right thing to do.


Our clients benefit before we do.


Take only as much risk as necessary to accomplish your financial goals.


If a client calls us first, we lost.


Education is confidence.


Never sacrifice honesty for growth.


Have more fun that a human being should be allowed to have.


We treat others politely with love and respect.


Make a client every day–our Noble Obligation.


We always part friends.