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Over 50? We Believe It's Time for a Retirement Planner

Don’t let an unstable market derail your retirement goals.

Many investors focus on growth during their working years to build savings. Now that you are over 50, we believe you need to protect your investments as you near retirement.

One bad bear market could derail your plans. You might be forced to delay retirement or risk running out of money early—and it may take years to recoup your losses.

As a firm specializing in retirement, Retirement Planners of America can help you build a plan that is designed to help you reach your retirement goals while also helping to protect your investments.

National Media turns to us for insight on issues affecting today’s investors.

Ken Moraif talks about the state of the market and your retirement on TD Ameritrade’s MarketWatch.

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Retirement Planning Checklist

Ken Moraif (founder of Retirement Planners of America and Money Matters Radio show)discusses his eight points to consider when retiring. Learn how to plan for retirement with our Retirement Planning Checklist that is designed to help put you on the path to achieve financial peace of mind in retirement.

Does Your Retirement Strategy Protect Your Investment?

Founder Ken Moraif explains the RPOA retirement planning strategy of Invest and Protect designed to help your money last as long as you do.

Your investments are typically a critical part of retirement income. But the market can be unstable. That insecurity and unpredictability can be unsettling when it comes to living off those investments. We believe if you’re over 50, you should only take as much risk as is necessary to achieve your financial retirement goals.
That’s why we recommend an Invest and Protect Strategy that is designed to help defend your investments from volatile markets.

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