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Why ETFs are a wise choice in a bear market

By: Jim Ward, Chief Investment Officer for Retirement Planners of America With stock markets in turmoil, many investors are currently swimming in choppy waters and are trying to find the […]

Could 2022 Bring The next Great Depression? Video Transcript Hello, and welcome to our weekly Market Alert video for the week ending December 30, 2021—our last video of the year! I want to wish everybody a fantastic […]

Is This the Beginning of a Bear Crash? Video Transcript Hello, this is our weekly Market Alert video for the week ending Friday, September 24, 2021, and boy howdy was last week a roller coaster ride extraordinaire! Hopefully you were able to watch […]

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Kiplinger: Myth: Life Insurance is NOT Taxable

Senior Retirement Planner Ken Moraif on why you may want to consider an irrevocablelife insurance trust Read the full article here: