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We Are Back Into Bonds

Hello, and welcome to our Market Alert video for today, which is December 22, 2023. Thank you for watching! The year is coming to an end and I want to wish everybody very happy holidays, however you celebrate them, and that your family is well and for you SCWPerS, I hope you’re out there SCWPering all over the place. I hope you’re doing very, very well. I don’t have much to report to you this week, other than the fact that we did go back into bonds on Monday. And since then the bond market has risen. So so far, so good. And we if you didn’t watch the video last week, where we describe the logic and the thinking we had behind why we’re going into the bond market, then please do because we put a lot of work into it to kind of help you to understand that. And I think it’ll answer most of your questions, if you have any. But we anticipate that next year, the bond market should do quite well. In fact, we think it might even do better than the stock market, believe it or not. And there is precedent for that it happened in the 80s. So we are very excited. We’re very happy that we made that move being out of bonds for since April of 22. So what’s that a year and eight months. That’s a long time. But it was a very good move as we look back on it because the bond market really suffered during that period. So that’s your Investment Advisory Committee at work. That’s us doing all this boring financial stuff for you so that you don’t have to. So I’m going to wish all of you a very happy holiday and we are heading into the the end of the year. So if I don’t talk to you again, you don’t watch a video but again before then, I wish you all a happy new year as well. So we’ll talk soon and thanks for watching this video.

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