Navigating the Retirement Risk Zone: Tips for Saving During Crucial Years

Are you approaching retirement or already in the early stages of this exciting phase of life? The years just before and after retirement mark a critical period that requires careful planning and consideration. We believe this “retirement risk zone” is a period of transition that necessitates comprehensive planning encompassing monetary and non-monetary considerations. Here are […]

Preserving Your Legacy: Navigating Estate Planning

Estate planning can be critical to help ensure that your assets, values and wishes are protected and carried out after you pass away. This process involves making important decisions about the distribution of your assets, who will manage your affairs, and how your legacy will be preserved. From devising a thorough plan to considering the […]

Catch-Up Contributions: Exploring the Effective Retirement Savings Tool

Amid the ever-changing policies around retirement, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest updates and identify the best strategies to help secure your financial future.  In recent years, catch-up contributions have gained traction as a means for individuals, especially those nearing retirement, to boost their savings. To make the most of catch-up contributions, it’s […]

Retirement Planning: Tips to Help Maximize Social Security and Other Considerations

By Shawn Stone, CRPC®, Retirement Planner for Retirement Planners of America Social Security has provided beneficial income to retirees in the United States since 1935. According to the Social Security Administration, about 50 million retired workers collected benefits in 2020 alone. At RPOA, we believe this is best utilized in conjunction with other means of […]

Tips For Funding IRAs And Understanding The Secure Act 2.0

Are you interested in funding an IRA? If so, are you aware of the current contribution limits and tax implications? There’s been quite a bit of legislation in the last few years affecting retirement savings. First was the Secure Act passed at the end of 2019. This sweeping legislation had lots of provisions. The legislation allows […]