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Smooth Sailing Or Stormy Seas?

Well, hello, clients and SCWPer nation, I have a quick story to tell you to explain where I am right now. What happened was that my wife and I were planning a trip to Europe. And we looked into what the prices of tickets were. And they were so expensive, that my dear wife said, You know what, maybe what we should do is go on to QE 2 instead, the Queen Elizabeth, which is a ship that goes across the Atlantic, and we could do it for a third of the cost. Problem is it is a week, it’s six days and seven nights or there abouts. But it’s not a bad gig. If you look at all this artwork, it’s really something. And what they’ve done here, also, here’s the lobby, this is the bell, that they rang at their inauguration, when they first launched the ship that check out that ceiling up there. And this is the Grand Lobby down here. And I thought that I would take you outside and show you what we think the market is going to look like, for the rest of this year. So stay tuned. So I’ll tell you something else. Interesting. And that is that yesterday, we actually sailed directly above where the Titanic sank, we were directly above it. And so I just wanted to be sure that we did not hit any iceberg. So I stayed up all night, looking for icebergs, so I could tell the captain, I’ve learned you can’t rely on others. For things that are like life threatening, you make sure that you’re watching those yourself. But more to the point of our video. What do we think the markets gonna look like for the rest of this year? Well, I think this will tell you everything. So this is the door that goes outside to the balcony. And guess what it says right here. This says no entry. Why? Because it is really windy and wavy out there. And they don’t want passengers walking around. Although, as you can see, I hope, is that it’s not too bad. I mean, it’s kind of wavy, a little bit up and down. But actually not too bad at all, which is what we think the market is going to be for the rest of this year, it’s going to be wavy, probably there’s going to be some times when it’ll say no mark, no entry were closed. But overall, the jobs numbers are looking good. Inflation is not where it wants to we want it to be, but it’s not bad. The profits we’ve seen so far have not been bad either. So overall, it’s kind of okay. And the market reflected that this week. Essentially a ho hum. Next week can be big, we get the inflation numbers, and those certainly will drive the market. We’ll keep you posted on that. But in the meantime, things don’t look too bad. But as with this ship, and the Titanic should have had right is lifeboats. We always want to have our lifeboat and we call that our sell strategy. So if the market sinks, then we want to make sure we have the lifeboats to get you on it and protect you from potentially sinking to the bottom. That’s why we believe our sales strategy is so important. So thank you for watching this video. I know it was a little different, but I thought you’d find it entertaining. And we will talk soon. Please share this with as many of your friends as you possibly can. We want to make sure that we help as many people achieve SCWPerness! So thanks for watching, and we’ll talk soon bye.

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