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I Don’t Care Anymore

Hello, and welcome to our Market Alert video for today, which is March 15, 2024. And we have a lot to get into. I’ve entitled this video, I don’t care anymore. And I will explain that to you in just a moment. But before I do that, I want to give you a quick update on something that’s really kind of funny. I’ve got a video of my grandson, who is in ski school for the first time in his life. And yeah, he’s cute and all that, but I want to show it to you because I want you to watch the little girl in the background. Okay, so and you should never laugh at a little girl. Her misfortunes. But this is my grandson getting off and now he’s gonna slide towards the instructor as you can see there. And what I really want you to do is to pay attention here to that little girl behind there that you see behind him now with the green helmet. Okay, so watch her. She’s kind of like struggling a little bit. She’s gonna start sliding in just a moment. So here she goes. And she’s off and keep your eye on her. She’s up. She’s got her, she’s gonna keep her balance, and then she’s gone. She’s gone. And boom! Faceplant. Like I said, never laugh at a little girl, especially a three year old, but she was fine. No, no harm done. I don’t know, I guess I’ve got a warped sense of humor. So anyway, let’s talk about what happened this week. We got PPI numbers, the or some more inflation data, we got the CPI number as well. So all these inflation metrics have been coming out. And they’re actually showing that inflation is not coming down as fast as the Fed at first, the Fed wants, right, they want it to get down to 2%. And it seems to be kind of stalled out right now. And so the talk about whether they’re going to lower interest rates or not. And all that seems to be getting pushed down the road, as we’ve been saying, we don’t think they’re going to lower interest rates until July at the earliest. Now, in the past, what has happened is that whenever inflation data came in, that did not cater to the idea that we’re going to lower interest rates tomorrow, the stock market would not like that at all and behave very badly. Well, that hasn’t been happening lately. The markets gone up in spite of all that stuff. Why? Well, because what’s happened is that the market doesn’t care anymore. It seems like. Okay, so what’s happened? There’s been a shift. Before, the concern was that, oh, no, the Feds gonna raise interest rates so high, that we’re going to have a terrible recession, profits are going to suffer, unemployment will follow, and it’s going to be all bad news. Now, what’s happening is, is that, yes, inflation still remained stubbornly higher than where the Fed wants it. And maybe they’re not going to lower interest rates when we’d like them to, but we don’t care anymore. Why? Because profits are really, really good right now. And as we’ve said, many, many times, it is profits that drives the stock market, that’s our view, meaning if you have a company that is doing very, very badly, even in a great economy, where everything is booming, their stock will probably fall. On the other hand, if you have a company who that’s their profits are soaring in an economy where it’s terrible, and unemployment and mass recession, and all that, their stock price will probably rise very rapidly. So it’s profits that drive the stock market. And right now, the profits that we’re seeing coming out of Wall Street, especially from the big tech companies are astronomical. And those profits are viewed to be continuing as the development of artificial intelligence, as they roll it out. As they build it out. As they sell it, people buy it, and it gets incorporated into our daily lives. And it’s going to be life changing, no question, artificial intelligence is going to make our life a lot easier it’s going to make, it’s essentially going to be an assistant that is going to be able to do a lot of the things that we do now for us faster, cheaper, more efficiently, and also maybe even come up with some new things like medications and cures for diseases that as humans we were not capable of coming up with on our own. Now, of course, there is the people that think that, you know, the Terminator is next, right? And AI is going to take over the world and in a bad way. Certainly that’s also a possibility. But right now, profits are being driven by these big tech companies. And that’s what’s driving the stock market in spite of the fact that inflation is not coming down as fast as the Fed would like so. Stock market doesn’t care. Now, always, always always we have our sell strategy as you know. Our Invest and Protect Strategies there because anything can happen, you know, bear markets come along when people least expect them. And from something that nobody saw coming, you know, after the credit crisis, everybody looked back and said, Yeah, well, you know, those subprime mortgages, anybody with a brain could have seen those things were terrible. Well, very few people saw that coming. And in the .com, era and y2k, yeah, all those .coms They had no profits and their stock prices were soaring. Anybody could have seen that that was just a big house of cards. Well, very few people saw that one too. So even though after the fact that may be obvious before the fact not so obvious. So right now, it looks great. But we always have our sell strategy to help us because we don’t know when the unexpected is going to happen. And we want to be prepared for that. So that way, you can go out and enjoy your second childhood without parental supervision, you can be a SCWPer, and you could SCWPer your tail off. And that’s what we want. We want SCWPer tails everywhere we want to go pick them up and give them to other people so they can SCWPer their tails off too. So in case you forgot what SCWPer means it’s the acronym for a second childhood without parental supervision, which is what we want for you. And that’s what we strive to do. We want you to have peace of mind and we want your money to last as long as you do. And we think this year is gonna be a good year. But again, we’re always prepared for the worst. So share this video with your friends, your family, anybody that you can we want to help as many people achieve their SCWPerness as possible. Alright, so thanks for watching this video and we will talk soon.

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