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God Bless America

Hello, everyone, and Happy Fourth of July belatedly, as today is Friday, July 5, 2024. So I want to wish all of you a very, very happy Fourth of July weekend. I want to get into the jobs numbers we got this morning and the consequences impact of those. But before I do, I want to talk a little bit about the fact that it is Fourth of July, it is our country’s birthday. And I think this should be a weekend where we set aside all the self deprecation that we seem to be indulging ourselves in. It’s like, we find fault with everything in our country, and we shouldn’t. We should love our country, I think we live in the very greatest country in the world, I’ve been blessed, I’ve been very fortunate to travel all over the world. And I’ve seen some very, very beautiful countries and some wonderful things. But I can tell you, there is no greater country than the good old US of A. And not only that, but in terms of traveling, you know, with our with with you guys, our clients or SCWPerS, you guys all want to go to Europe and you want to travel overseas, you know, there is a lot to see in this country, you can spend the rest of your life just visiting our national parks, our beautiful cities, the east and west coast, the beaches, we’ve got so much in this country to be thankful for. And not the least of it is our freedoms. And you know, we take them for granted, I think in many cases, but even in Europe, they’re considered free countries, they don’t have the same freedoms we do here. You know, it may look like it on the surface, but they don’t. And so we should be very thankful for that too. And so Happy Birthday America. And this is a time also when maybe we should just put all our political differences aside just for just for a weekend. And let’s, let’s enjoy the fact that we are all Americans, we should love each other, and accept that people have different opinions, and it’s okay. And it’s also okay to love your country. So anyway, let’s talk about the jobs numbers. And so the jobs numbers came in this morning, and they were weak, the unemployment went up. And the market of course, thought that was a good thing. Why? Because if jobs or if unemployment is going up, guess what the Feds gonna do, they’re gonna start lowering interest rates. And that’s what the market wants right now. And so in the short run, if interest rates go down, as we’ve described in previous videos, the cost of money goes down, profits go up, stock prices should follow. And that’s where the market is, where their head is at. The other part of it, of course, is the bond market. And our bond portfolio has been doing very nicely here over the last couple of months, as the data that’s coming in, seems to be saying that the economy is in fact slowing down, and that the Fed will more than likely, in our view, lower interest rates before the end of the year. So all of that looks very good in the short run. And so we’re optimistic about that. The challenge, of course, as we’ve mentioned many times, is that our economy is a it’s it’s a it’s a very large economy. It’s like a giant tanker on the ocean, and you can’t turn a tanker around like you can’t a speedboat. And so the Fed notoriously has been behind on in this cycle with this inflation, remember, when they said that the inflation was transitory it’s a passing thing, don’t even worry about it. Well, here we are three years later, it’s not transitory. So they’ve been behind the curve. And if they are too far behind the curve, and the economy slows too much, the momentum builds, we could have a very bad recession and a bad bear market, just as happened in the 80s with Paul Volcker, who at the time, was the Federal Reserve Chairman. So they raised interest rates a lot back then, and then they waited too long to lower them. And that caused a bad recession. So there’s precedent for that happening again now. So that’s why we’re so glad we have our Invest and Protect Strategy. I hope it lets you sleep at night at night like it does me you know, I’m I derive a great deal of peace of mind from the fact that we have our strategy to help protect from the downside. And so yes, it’s possible we don’t give it a high probability that we’ll have a bad recession it looks like we should be able to slow things down the Fed lower interest rates and we should be okay. But it is always nice to know we have a strategy and a plan to address that. So I hope it gives you the peace of mind that it does us and I hope all you SCWPerS Nation, all you members of SCWPerS Nation. I hope you’re out there SCWPering your tails off, I hope you’re enjoying your second childhood. And for those of you who aren’t SCWPerS yet, it’s our job to get you there. And we will I’m very confident and hopefully you’ll be out there having all the fun, more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. So thanks for watching this video please share it with your friends your family we’d love to help as many people become SCWPerS as we possibly can so again thanks for watching Happy Fourth of July and we’ll talk soon.

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