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Downpours And Dollar Signs: Will Profits Reign Supreme?

Hello, it’s SCWPer nation and RPOA clients. This is our market alert video. And I’m in the beautiful countryside of Dordogne, which is near Bordeaux, it’s along th e river of the Dorgogne river. And they make the most fantastic wines here. And I thought I would share this beautiful countryside with you. And also the fact that the skies are blue, it’s been raining like crazy here, more rain than they’ve had in decades. And maybe it’s a sign of what’s going on with the market. So as I’m want to do, is we’re going to kind of make this trip, a little bit about the market, a little bit about the trip. But we’re on a bicycle tour right now. And six days, 35-40 miles a day. I’ll keep you posted. But stay tuned, we’ll get into the market here in just a minute. Okay, so it started to rain. So maybe the markets not going to be that great after all. Its pouring. I’m soaked, man. I think there’s sunshine up ahead. So we’re gonna keep plowing through till we get to the sunshine, play through the bad markets to get to the good ones. That’s what we do, don’t we? Well, as promised, looks like the sun has come out.
You just wait for the sunshine and eventually, it’ll get here. But as you’ll notice, I’m wearing a helmet. And I’m also wearing a jacket, because you always have to be prepared for when it rains. Never missed an opportunity to match up our strategy to what to what my trip is. Well, it’s the end of a very active week, we put in about 190 miles about 40 miles a day over the last week. And I need to amend something I called it the Dorgogne River and it’s actually the Dordogne river. So those of you who are purists who are going to go Google, what river is near Bordeaux, I stand corrected. But as I said in the video, you know we had this week, some sunshine, the market was up, setting new highs and then it dropped way down. We had a lot of rain, but overall Much Ado About Nothing. We kind of treaded through the week, little ups and downs. The controversy now is of course, is the Fed going to lower interest rates or not. And that seems to be overriding the rest of the markets, I guess consciousness. However, in the end, in our view, the Fed, as important as they are, unless they raise interest rates, which we doubt they will do. Are not the main story for the rest of this year. We think that the rest of this year is going to be about profits. Fed may not even lower interest rates this year. But but as we look at it, it doesn’t seem like it’s such a major deal anymore. Now, if they do lower interest rates, Katie bar the door, we think bonds will skyrocket, the stock market will do the same. If they raise interest rates, the opposite could happen. But if they don’t do anything, which is most likely at this point, it looks like they probably will do nothing this year. If that’s the case, then we’ll play through it and the market will be looking at profits. And as you guys know, we believe that it is profits that drives stock prices and so far our profits have looked pretty decent. So overall our forecast for this year where the market, even though it has set new all time highs, will be higher at the end of the year than it is today still stands. We do think the bias for bonds is upward even though it is kind of stalled out a little bit. But because the Feds bias is to lower interest rates. The bond market should remain relatively stable and maybe even go up a lot if they do. So, not much to report had some fun this week. I hope you enjoyed our video. I do have something exciting for you next week. So make sure you tune in for next week’s video we had we were in Saint-Émilion which is a nice little town where they have fantastic wine. And so I want to share with you a very special thing that happened that we totally were it was unexpected even by the people that organized our tour so make sure you tune in next week. But in the meantime, thank you for watching this video. I cannot appreciate you more you SCWPerS out there. I hope you are enjoying your SCWPerness and you are SCWPering, your little tails off, okay I SCWPered my tail off 190 Miles my butt is really sore right now let me tell you, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and for those of you who are not SCWPerS yet, we will get you there, that is our job. And we want your money to last as long as you do then for you to have financial peace of mind. So please share this video with all of your friends, your family, your business associates, everyone. We want to help as many people become SCWPerS as we possibly can. So again, thanks for watching, and make sure you tune in next week.

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